Anisha has provided exceptional and much needed leadership in discussion with staff and parents about cultural inclusivity. She has hosted these important conversations in each of our nine schools with significant positive response...”

~ Dr. Sarah Jerome, Superintendent, Arlington Heights School District 25

"Global competency is a critical skill. Anisha is committed to 21st century learning and preparing our children for their future in this global society. This means so much more than learning about what people eat or wear, it is about understanding values and how others view the world. Anisha has taken the discussion of cultural competency to a whole new level for our District. When staff gain a deep understanding of what it means to be culturally competent, students benefit."

~ Dr. Dale Truding, Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning, Arlington Heights District 25

“Anisha was hired to work with my staff on cultural sensitivity and inclusivity. I was impressed with Anisha's organization and planning prior to working with the staff. In addition, I was impressed with her attention to detail and desire to do what is best for the students and staff at Thomas Middle School. She specifically tailored her presentation to meet the unique needs of the community. We added additional survey information and Anisha was supportive of the additional input. She analyzed the data provided by the staff and parent community to display to the staff how culturally unique we are as a staff and as a result the staff within the building desired more time with Anisha. Working with Anisha will provide you and your organization with great steps to increase your cultural sensitivity, awareness and inclusivity..”

~ Brian Kaye, Principal, Thomas Middle School

“The presentation was done very professionally....I believe the message of being more sensitive and culturally aware came through loud and clear, giving all of us lots to reflect on to see where each of us could be more inclusive and empathetic and helping us to put ourselves in someone else's shoes.”

~ Anonymous Arlington Heights District 25 Staff

“The LMC Directors felt [Anisha’s] presentation was very informative. I truly believe it raised their awareness of the importance of promoting multicultural literature that reflects the cultures of our school communities. They appreciated the discussion on how this also promotes self-awareness and self esteem. They continued the discussion during lunch and some listed her presentation as one of the highlights of our meeting.”

~ Suzy Rabbat, Teaching & Learning Consultant

“...Anisha is a creative, competent, compassionate and resourceful educator/administrator who has a strong understanding of the rule of education today as part of a global community. Her strength in multicultural education and bridging the bond between bilingual-bicultural parents, teachers and schools has brought heightened awareness and insight to myself and my colleagues...”

~ Nashwa Mekky, Teacher, Ivy Hill School

“The presenter [Anisha] can relate to the lives of teachers and all that it entails...”

~ Julie Cowen, Teacher, Patton School

"Anisha has been a joy to work with in our district and school as she has helped us to better appreciate our own diversity awareness and unique gifts within our staff and our greater school community. She approached her tasks with professionalism and poise and you could not help but feel dignified through your participation with her. She was open about her expectations of the process and timely in her preparation and responses. She is sincerely passionate about her work and regarded highly among other school administrators and her peers. I would highly recommend her to any district that intends to work with her in this area."

​~ Jerome Green, Assistant Principal, Thomas Middle School